Vehicle Hire

18 ton stand by truck18 Ton Standby Box Trucks

All with cantilever large tail lifts A/C, 240v hook up plugs ,lighting and usb sockets, rear detachable steps for workshop use. Some also have outside plugs , Air compressors and tow bars fitted. All have quick removable rear door partitions So you can interchange the truck to carry goods or use as a workshops easily in a few minuits.

26 ton tilt and slide26 Ton Flat with Tilt and Slide Body

This can carry up to 14 tons and is fitted with a hydraulic winch and tow bar. Also has Twist locks so it can carry 20′ containers. Can be used as flat bed runaround. Can pick up plant and machines and heavy vehicles, dead or alive.

sprinter lwb vansLWB Mercedes Sprinter Vans

Lwb vans, equipped with full opening double flip heavy duty ramp. Ideal for flight cases, grip dollies and camera trolleys. Fitted with 240 volt hook up, lights, plug point, sub charging, load lock system and back up led lighting. Some with shelving. See More.

Mercedes Sprinter Luton VansLWB Mercedes Luton Vans

Fitted with 240 volt hook up, lights, plug point, sub charging and back up led lighting.


sprinter mercedesMercedes Sprinter Pick Ups

Pick up trucks fitted with tow bar etc.

Please note: tow bar use is restricted to studio etc. and not on public roads as vehicles are not fitted with  tachographs.

Specialist VansVarious Vans

Large and small vans some with roof racks etc. But can be tailored for your needs.


trailersArticulated Trailers for Loads or Storage.

13.6 Artic box trailer with rear doors for maximum height loading. Fitted with under slung tail lift so that trailer can loaded from a loading bank if needed. 240 volt hook up with lighting, plugs and usb sockets. 24 volt LED lighting. This trailer has its own batteries and a small generator to keep them charged up, this is so the trailer could be used also as a storage unit and would not need to be hooked up to a tractor unit to work tail lift etc. Thus releasing tractor unit for other duties such as green screens which of course will help keep cost down for the hirer.

7.5 ton curtain side and box trucks

7.5 ton box vans with tail lift, 240 volt hook up with lighting & plugs can be used for runaround or standby trucks. Other bits of kit like trailers, bowsers etc. are available on request.